Monday, July 19, 2010


Today I saw on ESPN where Michael Jordan was asked about how Lebron James handled his career. Michael said, "I don't think I would've ever called up Larry or Magic and tried to get them on the same team as me, I was always trying to beat them"! Finally, Finally someone understands my perspective on things!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Mr. Lincoln

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

My name is Tim Wozny and I hope that this letter gets to you before the other one does. You see I've been watching the news these last few days and it appears that a young fictional colored man wrote you in hopes of getting you to admit freeing the slaves was wrong. He's pissed that after thinking abou it, maybe slavery wasn't so bad. I believe he states that he did not have to think, he got 3 hots and a cot and life was probably good.

Well Mr. Lincoln allow me to thank you for what you did. You see I grew up in a good size town that sat about 25 miles south of Chicago. The day I started school there was 4 colored kids in my class and as I went from 3rd grade on to high school that number fluctuated. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed their company. One of them, his name is Tony, was one of my good friends and we played basketball together for years both on the playground and in the gym. He was a hell of alot better then me, not cause he was colored, but because he practiced all the time...I chased girls in my spare time.

My kids are now going into school and just like me they live about 20 miles outside a large city, Toledo. I'm confident they are going to meet some terrific people in their school "career" and I'm sure they are going to all be of different backgrounds, and yes, color! My plan is to make sure they know that what happened many many years ago was unfortunate BUT because of a wise man was vindicated. That wise man is you sir.

It's unfortunate and I hate to have to report this but it appears that we still have issues today with whites and coloreds and anyone else that does not see eye to eye. My hope is to work hard to continue on with the vision you had many years ago. My kids will carry on this hope and in turn so will their kids. One day, just one day I hope all this ridiculous letter writing will stop. Had the "guy" that wrote the letter had the guts, like you sir, to go visit with the people he was upset with rather then hide behind a "letter" maybe I wouldn't have to be writing you today.

Yours truly
Tim Wozny

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I think I need a vacation!

I was reading my daughter a book a few nights ago about the planet Venus. In it, it talks about all the similarities that it shares with our dear planet Earth. It even stated that at some point there may of been life on Venus as they feel it contains an abundance of water. This got me to thinking...hmm, with the recent onslaught of "global warming" could it be that one day we too will be a desolate planet...lifeless, barren kind of like Lowell ;) When will this happen, over time, overnight? Will I get to see my grandkids? Then it hit me!

I proceeded downstairs sat down next to my wife and told her that in light of where I think our planet may be heading I think we need to go on vacation. Hawaii may not be here tomorrow. When she asked my reasoning I told her....a book told me so!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Comment Box

I've adjusted the settings on the site. Your comments are welcome and preferred

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Should Probably Be Insulted!

Two posts and no reply!! Two posts and only two followers!! Is this what the great american authors of our time must've felt like? Is this what any author feels like? Except that good for nothing Twilight novelist, she's the God damn Bill Gates of paperbacks right now. My marriage is suffering (not really) at the hands of her imagination....good for her (not really).

So anyway, I'll have to tone down me ego and rely more on this blog as a means of getting it all on paper and out of my head. My hope is one day 500,000 years from now after the 2nd ice age and the 3rd coming of Christ that they'll dig up this hard drive from underneath the sea floor since the earth will most likely be made up of 99% ocean and New Jersey. They'll fire this bad boy up and base their history books on what they read in my blogs (not really)!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Runny Noses, Fevers and Whining....oh my!

On a hot hot Saturday in the midst of a thick and muggy July the pool that we bought for our kids, a little 10'x 10' inflatable pool, sat dormant! The kickboards did not float they never even saw the sun. The toy boats that would normally cast off around noon and dock about dinner time remained moored. You see all 3 of my beautiful kids are sick. The sound of splashing and giggling was replaced with snot hitting kleenex and, "uhhhh purple medicine, no thank you I hate that so much"!

I don't remember much about being 6 years old but one thing I do remember is that I don't think getting sick was an option in the summer. There was to much going on and it blows my mind that what should be a winter time activity (coughing, fevers and snot) is now a norm year round?? I'm no conspiracy theorist BUT I would like to think that Nickelodeon and Nintendo have somehow harbored a satellite that randomly injects the atmosphere with the flu or flu like symptoms. Kids go outside, as they should, and wha la 3 days later I'm at the store trying to find Motrin, kleenex and Toy Story 3 on DVD or for Wii. Meanwhile they're camped out on my couch watching Nickelodeon which has now commandered as many channels as ESPN has so that there is something for ALL ages!!! Back in my day there was one Nickelodeon and your parents forbid you to watch it because back then "fart humor" carried a TV rating of MA!!

I'm just saying, I'm outside cleaning a pool today for no other reason then some multi-lingual book of instructions tells me it's something I have to do twice a week. Another consipiracy if you ask me!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


In a short amount of time (or so it seems) my family has grown from Amy and I and a few cats and, Amy, Abby, Alex, Ren, Rowdy and me! We've lived in the Central Time Zone and now the Eastern Time Zone. We've had mailed delivered to NW Indiana and NE Indiana. Now we get our mail in NW Ohio!!

With all of this growing and moving I finally decided that I'm going to document what goes on around here!! You may reminisce, take notes or take heed! In all I hope that it serves to capture the true essence that Leave It To Beaver was, in fact, bullshit! However, in the end everything rerights itself and you're left asking, well if today is the first day of the rest of my life...then what was yesterday??