Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Should Probably Be Insulted!

Two posts and no reply!! Two posts and only two followers!! Is this what the great american authors of our time must've felt like? Is this what any author feels like? Except that good for nothing Twilight novelist, she's the God damn Bill Gates of paperbacks right now. My marriage is suffering (not really) at the hands of her imagination....good for her (not really).

So anyway, I'll have to tone down me ego and rely more on this blog as a means of getting it all on paper and out of my head. My hope is one day 500,000 years from now after the 2nd ice age and the 3rd coming of Christ that they'll dig up this hard drive from underneath the sea floor since the earth will most likely be made up of 99% ocean and New Jersey. They'll fire this bad boy up and base their history books on what they read in my blogs (not really)!

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