Thursday, July 15, 2010

I think I need a vacation!

I was reading my daughter a book a few nights ago about the planet Venus. In it, it talks about all the similarities that it shares with our dear planet Earth. It even stated that at some point there may of been life on Venus as they feel it contains an abundance of water. This got me to thinking...hmm, with the recent onslaught of "global warming" could it be that one day we too will be a desolate planet...lifeless, barren kind of like Lowell ;) When will this happen, over time, overnight? Will I get to see my grandkids? Then it hit me!

I proceeded downstairs sat down next to my wife and told her that in light of where I think our planet may be heading I think we need to go on vacation. Hawaii may not be here tomorrow. When she asked my reasoning I told her....a book told me so!


  1. Life in Lowell is not as baron as you may think. Lowell is thriving. Just ask the Lowellians. ;). They are very excited to have an Aldi's and all the bars and gas stations. We must not forget the pizza places too. All in good fun. Even though there are people who live in Lowell, we are all not the hick people some may believe.

    Go to Hawaii and have a ball. Just don't forget to remember the people in the past that got you where you are today. LOL! Country Girl

  2. I think that Amy would prefer a trip to Forks, Washington. You could do the whole tour! :)