Sunday, July 11, 2010

Runny Noses, Fevers and Whining....oh my!

On a hot hot Saturday in the midst of a thick and muggy July the pool that we bought for our kids, a little 10'x 10' inflatable pool, sat dormant! The kickboards did not float they never even saw the sun. The toy boats that would normally cast off around noon and dock about dinner time remained moored. You see all 3 of my beautiful kids are sick. The sound of splashing and giggling was replaced with snot hitting kleenex and, "uhhhh purple medicine, no thank you I hate that so much"!

I don't remember much about being 6 years old but one thing I do remember is that I don't think getting sick was an option in the summer. There was to much going on and it blows my mind that what should be a winter time activity (coughing, fevers and snot) is now a norm year round?? I'm no conspiracy theorist BUT I would like to think that Nickelodeon and Nintendo have somehow harbored a satellite that randomly injects the atmosphere with the flu or flu like symptoms. Kids go outside, as they should, and wha la 3 days later I'm at the store trying to find Motrin, kleenex and Toy Story 3 on DVD or for Wii. Meanwhile they're camped out on my couch watching Nickelodeon which has now commandered as many channels as ESPN has so that there is something for ALL ages!!! Back in my day there was one Nickelodeon and your parents forbid you to watch it because back then "fart humor" carried a TV rating of MA!!

I'm just saying, I'm outside cleaning a pool today for no other reason then some multi-lingual book of instructions tells me it's something I have to do twice a week. Another consipiracy if you ask me!!

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